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2015 Highlights

ROV survey of parts of Beatrice C platform.

Multiple deployments and recoveries of scientific monitoring equipment for large project for University of Aberdeen. Also involved using ROV to recover many subsurface moorings.

ROV Survey of Moray Met Mast and rigging to reover equipment.

Transducer and Flowbec recovery at Meygen Tidal site, Pentland Firth, using ROV to quickly connect recovery line in tiny slack window, all worked well.

SHEFA cable survey with Leask Marine - to find exposed areas using ROV and USBL postioning.

Project work with International Corporation for offshore floating wind project.

Personnel transfer and work boat duties off Wick.

Moray Firth Wave Rider recovery and deployment.

Beatrice Wind Farm site and cable route - survey for targets of interest - useing Drop Down Video and ROV to identify unknown targets on seabed.

60m scientific mooring recovery, off Peterhead, using Outland ROV and Tritech Micron Sonar and MicronNav.

5 wrecks - found on side imaging sonar, pinpointed, also using Olex and ROV, in under 4 hours!

Great survey completed at BOWL wind farm site and cable route to Portgordon. Coral Wind proved very capable with 37 grabs and 90 miles covered on day 1. Also easily onboard were 2 ROV systems and a Drop Down Video system at the same time. The ROV proved very useful in checking the numerous Geo targets and targets of possible archeological interest, saving time and confirming positions.

Aquaculture mooring inspections using ROVs.

Seabed survey work carried out in Cromarty Firth for a rig anchoring position.

Personnel transfer work with MV Skua and Coral Wind.

More CPOD deployments and recoveries using Coral Wind and ROVs.

Inspection and recovery work at Moray Met Mast using ROVs.

2014 Highlights

MV Coral Wind acquired, Gemin Fastcat 14m.

Boat and ROV work to recover 8.5 ton of survey equipment from 46m seabed at proposed Moray Firth Wind farm site, saving the customer a 6 figure sum, and work usually carried out by far larger ROVs or extensive dive spreads.

MV Skua succesfully passed IMCA CMID and BP audits.

Mooring inspections on the North West end of Scotland, one of the few areas we had not operated, until now!

Multibeam survey in the Cromarty Firth to prepare for the Moray Firth Wind Farm Met Mast.

Mooring work, Holy Island, England.

Ongoing POD and SM2M deployments and recoveries, recoveries using our ROVs keeping the monitoring equipment safely on the seabed away from surface traffic.

Scientific trials with Marine Scotland using Multibeam.

Deployment and recovery of monitoring equipment for the Nigg Energy Park extension works.

Deployment and recovery of monitoring equipment for the Cromarty Firth Port extension works.

Solstice successfully completed 3rd IMCA audit.

2103 Highlights

Finalist in the Energy North Annual Awards - Best Renewable Energy Service Supplier.

Successful search and recovery of scientific equipment in 180m of water of Canna, West coast of Scotland.

Ongoing deployment and recovery of Porpoise Detectors for monitoring Porpoises and dolphins, the largest project of its kind worldwide.

Over 1000 mooring inspections carried out with out ROVs.

Boat work for Subsea 7 from Wick to Sinclairs Bay with twin engined 'Skua", after successful Subsea 7 audit.

Assistance with depolyment of the Wello Penquin on Orkney, including use of ROV friendly shackles and installation surveys.

15 Orkney trips for various ROV works, including mooring inspections and renewables works.

Assistance to Police Scotland for a completed search and recovery mission in the Moray Firth.

March 2013  Search and recovery of expensive scientific monitoring equipment from some of the deeper waters in the Moray Firth, using MV Solstice and Mojave ROV.

February 2013  ROV inspections and remedial work carried out successfully for a wave developer at the EMEC site, Orkney.

February 2013  100s of mooring inspections done for the aquaculture industry with 100% reliability, from Argyll to Orkney.

December 2012  Delivery of new Sub Atlantic Mojave ROV, part funded by Scottish Government's European Fisheries Fund (Axis 4) programme and Moray Council.

October 2012  Short-listed for Energy North Annual Awards 2012 for 'Best Renewables Offshore' AND 'Best Service Supply'.

9th October    Refresher banksman/ slinger and crane course completed for Solstice crew.

13th September  Solstice out of the water at Inverness for painting etc.

31st August  Offshore work with FRC and ROV     Personnel provided to man small daughtercraft  to support 16m dive rib on diving operations at Balmoral rig. Also the Videoray was used to do a clearance survey before the first divers went to the job site.

31st July  Seeker successfully completed the survey work for Scottish Water  Work involved various types of current monitoring from Inverness to Rosehearty. Seeker performed as expected; capable, fast, versatile.

17th July  Diving in Invergordon  Solstice chartered as dive platform for successful diving inspection and maintenance on a rig in Invergordon.

31st May  St Fergus pipeline survey  Solstice used to carry a range of survey equipment to assist in the pipeline survey at St. Fergus, and some of the best weather of the year.

18th February  -  5 Day Oil Survey for Caithness Petroleum
MV Solstice has just completed a succesful five day oil survey off Caithness for our client Caithness Petroleum.

3rd February  -  Moray First Marine Add Second Vessel
We are delighted to announce the arrival of our second vessel MV Seeker, a 9.5m cabin rib MCA licensed for 3-20 miles, night or day, 12 persons for day, 6 persons for night. A highly capable craft, MV Seeker is capable of cruising at 20-25 knots and is available for charter throughout Scotland and beyond. To find out more visit our MV Seeker page.

25th September -  Another Independent Audit Passed
Our vessel, MV Solstice, has undergone and passed another IMCA Audit. The IMCA Marine Inspection Checklist for Small Workboats ensures that vessels are being operated in a safe manner. More information on the audit can be found on the IMCA website.

1st September - Trip to Shetland
We have recently just returned from a trip to Shetland where we assisted a local firm to carry out some ROV inspection work at the Sullom Voe Oil Terminal. For more details about the trip have a look at our blog by clicking here and always remember to keep an eye there for all our latest news and updates. 

11th August 2011 - New Blog
We have set up a wordpress blog which can be accessed by clicking the 'blog' button on the left hand side or at We intend to update this as much as possible to let you know what we have been up to. 

21st July 2011 - Social Network Updates
We have undergone quite a few updates on the social networking front. We will be updated these much more in the future and you can join us by clicking on the icons above.

1st June 2011 - Moray First Marine Show Winning Mentality
Moray First Marine Ltd. has fought off the competition of 3 other local businesses to win the 'What's the Big Idea?', Moray Chambers of Commerce competition celebrating local business ideas. The event took place at Horizon Scotland and was sponsered by Ledingham Chalmers LLP. Read the full article in the Northern Scot.

18th May 2011 - MV Solstice Undergoes Successful IMCA CMID Audit
Another suceesful IMCA CMID audit has been carried out on our boat the MV Solstice. More information about the CMID can be found on the IMCA Website.

5th April 2011 - Moray First Marine are Runners-Up in Business Gateway 2011 Awards
Moray First Marine have finished runner-up at the Business Gateway Highlands and Moray 2011 Awards in the Business of the Year category. The event held at the Inverness Town Hall saw three finalists battle it out for the coveted Business of the Year award with Moray First Marine being pipped at the final hurdle.

3rd March 2011 - Moray First Marine Successfully Find and Recover £1000s worth of Equipment for Client
We have successfully found and recovered lost recording equipment, including 170kg ground weight, in 54 metres from the Moray Firth. This was acheived using our Videoray Pro 3 ROV fitted with Seabotix grabber and Tritech Micron Sonar, and then the equipment lifted onto MV Solstice. The operation saved £1000s for our client, gained the 'lost' data and proved itself for further recovery operations. It is now planned for further use where Acoustic Releases are not available or for when they fail. A story regarding the recovery has been posted on the VideoRay website.

5th-15th November 2010 - MV Solstice Undergoes Service
Our vessel, the MV Solstice has been out of the water for a thourough service. The work undertaken has included a full clean, new antifoul and anodes, new stern gland and cutlass bearings. Following the work, she is now faster and very clean and tidy ready for any work. We are also undergoing ongoing ADCP and WaveRider deployments/ recoveries and servicing.

21st October 2010 - Brand New Website Lauched



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