ROV Services - Available Add Ons

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We have access to a variety of additional equipment that can be used in conjunction with our ROVs to complete any job to the highest standard. Information on such equipment can be found by clicking the links below.

big_fileicon_pdf BlueView DF900-2250 Dual Frequency Miniature Multibeam Imagining System


big_fileicon_pdf BlueView P450E-15 Miniature Multibeam Imaging Sonar
  BlueView P450E-15
big_fileicon_pdf BlueView P900-45 Forward-Looking Imaging Sonar
  BlueView P900-45
big_fileicon_pdf BlueView P900-90 2D Forward-Looking Imaging Sonar with 90° Field of View
big_fileicon_pdf BlueView P900-130 2D Forward-Looking Imaging Sonar with 130° Field of View
big_fileicon_pdf Buckleys UCP1A Contact Probe
  Buckleys UCP1A
big_fileicon_pdf Cygnus Multiple Echo Ultrasonic Digital Thickness Gauge
  Cygnus Multiple Echo Ultrasonic Digital Thickness Gauge
big_fileicon_pdf LYYN HAWK Integration Board
big_fileicon_pdf Tritech Micron DST Sonar
  Tritech Micron DST Sonar
big_fileicon_pdf Tritech MicronNav
  Tritech MicronNav
big_fileicon_pdf Tritech Sea Sprite DST Sonar
big_fileicon_pdf Turner Designs C3 Submersible Fluorometer
big_fileicon_pdf Savante Lumeneye VR Laser System

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